What is the difference between Gold Coins and Fortune Coins?

What is the difference between Gold Coins and Fortune Coins?

The main difference between Gold Coins and Fortune Coins is that the former can’t be redeemed for cash prizes. They are just a virtual currency that you buy to play the games on the website. Fortune Coins are added to your balance for free with certain Gold Coin purchases.

Fortune Coins can be redeemed for cash prizes, for each 100 Fortune Coins you redeem you will receive $1 (subject to a minimum balance). Each Fortune Coin received must be used in-game at least once before it is eligible for redemption.

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    • How can I switch between Gold Coins and Fortune Coins?

      Every game can be played using both Gold Coins and Fortune Coins. To change the currency that you’re playing with, use the “GC” and “FC” buttons located at the top of your screen.
    • Can I transfer points between Gold Coins and Fortune Coins balances?

      Since Gold Coins and Fortune Coins are different currencies that work independently, you won’t be able to transfer points from one balance to the other. 
    • How can I get free Fortune Coins?

      You can get free Fortune Coins in a variety of ways, including: Daily promotions — You’ll get a set number of FC every day, provided you log in to your account. Friend referrals — Invite your friends and get free Fortune Coins once they start ...
    • How does the Fortune Coins sweepstakes model work?

      The Gold Coins available on our platform are acquired through purchase or complimentary means (such as logging in daily and collecting them) and hold no intrinsic monetary value. They function as a virtual currency, enabling you to engage in gameplay ...
    • Fortune Coins Expiry Policy

      Q: How long are my Fortune Coins valid? A: Your Fortune Coins are valid for one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date you last logged into your account. Q: What happens if there is no account activity for a prolonged period? A: If there is no ...