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  • Christine Napolitano

    Can't wait to try this. Excited!

  • Everson Funderburk


  • taurus montgomery

    Still can't log in

  • Nancmarie87

    If I can get past the submit ID page, and all goes well, then once I cash out and receive payment, I will post all over about how awesome fortune coins is. I won a grand jackpot within an hour of playing! Awesome way to start playing a new game!!

  • James Thomas

    Did you eventually get to complete the account verification process? Cause I'm been attempting to for 3days straight and getting no assistance from support. Only try process again...

  • Crystal Ashworth

    I did it took a good 2 weeks to get verified

  • Robert beltran

    I'm new to this site was in tournament 1st place and since it began 5 hrs then was. Robbed of my points this must be a scam site that don't want to pay top prizes to customers cause 2 people came from nowhere and set me to 3rd 577,000 points was kicked out when I got in again 477,000 points is where it set me back to when I just pulled ahead of the only player near me in second had my points and another one just shows up and has 2.5 million points don't trust this site be careful I'm not feeling they are legit


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